Thursday, May 1, 2014

Taking your “spring makeover” to a whole new level

While you’re spring cleaning your home this season, consider fine-tuning your homes interior. There are several ways to invigorate your home this season, our designs take the term “spring makeover” to a whole new level. Take some time to analyze your living space, and make sure it’s up to par with the season’s fresh aesthetic. Read our list of key design elements to take into consideration this season. Now is the time for a fresh start! 

1.) A Splash of Color – Perhaps your dining room will take center stage in your home this season with seasonal celebrations, graduations or other special events. Painting your dining room walls with a light, sunny color can instantly transform your space and refresh it after a long, cold winter.

2.) Radiant Wall Art – A colorful piece of wall art can give any room a big pop of personality. This home’s contemporary dining and living room features an eye-catching piece of art to inspire long, intimate conversations. Custom millwork and bold artwork create the perfect backdrop for a lively feast!

3.) Bold Prints & Decor – Bold prints and bright accents just scream spring! This room doesn’t shy away from a super energetic design. Strong and vibrant wall decor and an area rug with a fun, colorful, geometric print can easily rival a spring sky filled with sunshine.

4.) Lighting that Pops – One of the best ways to hone in on your spring cleaning is to give your lighting a complete makeover. Super fresh and ultra-modern, this kitchen features luxurious amber pendant lights and a wondering track that takes your eye on a journey. What a refreshing sight!

5.) Build More Functional Space – No home is quite ready for spring without a functional space for storage. Designating an area for placing keys, bags, shoes and jackets will keep your home organized and clutter-free. A mud room is the perfect location for getting the kids ready in the morning. You can even include a window seat for an easy off and on with shoes.

From a sunny dinette to a functional mud room, a newly renovated home can breathe new life into your living space. If updating your home is on the agenda for the new season, contact PURE Design for a fresh, new design.