Thursday, September 4, 2014

Meet Your Dream Home


We are excited to announce that we will be showing at the 2014 Fall Parade Of Homes presented by Builders Association of the Twin Cities (BATC).

We’ll be showcasing an original collection of dream homes in collaboration with Carl M. Hansen Companies for West Ridge Farm resident community. Join the tour to view the unveiling of our new home concepts on display inside tour home #250 located at 5140 Kelsey Terrace - Edina, MN.

September 6-28 (Thurs-Sun. noon-6pm)
Our new concepts for West Ridge Farm, including Lot 48 ‘Culbertson’ and Lot 67 ‘Lawson,’ blends traditional and contemporary for that timeless look which transcends style and fads. “We desired to bridge between the surrounding traditional tudor style with timeless contemporary design to invoke a fresh taste; an architectural experience devoid of fading with time.” Expresses Jeremiah I. Johnson...“The dwellings blend beautifully within the landscape while lending artistry for those seeking.”

These new homes deliver out of the box design neatly tucked within a harmonious setting able to perform sustainably and remain appealing for a lifetime. “A greater meaning is exposed,” continues Jeremiah,  “when a design can invigorate passion within the guest by mere subtleties and delightful architectural appointments.”

Coming from a background of
Californian modern, these houses are intimate and personal but lively and open for entertaining guests. With new innovative moves--like the front circular stair or the balcony space--the livability and intrigue invite newcomers to its front door. At PURE Design our vision for each new collection is to model a home that is perfectly designed and crafted for life.