Friday, October 10, 2014

Artistry For The Arts


Emotion. Adventure. Imagination. Drama.

Our favorite films take us on a journey, through heightened reality, or into a world of discovery and wonder. We deliver this experience in every environment we touch. Through an unparalleled breadth of architecture, interior design, and creative services, we set the stage for ingenuity, artistry and luxury in every detail.

We are proud to be an Official Design Sponsor of the 2014 Twin Cities Film Fest.

As stated on their website, "The staff of the Twin Cities Film Fest firmly believes that there is no medium more powerful than film. It evokes a visceral, internal response in its viewer, allowing us to experience the world through the lens of another. Film strengthens our understanding of others and enables the empathy needed to band together and support each other."

At PURE Design, we believe that great design will evoke a similar response from its viewers and inhabitants. For us, the starting point is seeing the world through the lens of our client and understanding the needs of their lifestyle. We all realize that a “sense of place” is of fundamental value to people everywhere — in every city, every town, every neighborhood, and every culture, for all ages.

At least, that is what the average person recognizes instinctively. It is a fundamental reality that all too often isn't given the focus it deserves when it comes to other architecture and design professionals. Most design and architecture frequently ignores the human aspect of buildings and put the focus merely on form. When conceptualizing, some professionals don’t concern themselves with how a structure can shape human experience, or how those buildings make people feel. They fail to engage with the way that architecture impacts our innate sense of place.

We aim to steer the focus of our architecture and design toward the idea of place, and how it can contribute to healthy, comfortable, engaging spaces and destinations. No longer is “adequate” the goal. “Extraordinary” needs to be the new agenda for home owners and companies. Applying ingenuity to the approach, and artistry to each detail of the process, we can unveil the luxurious complexities of great places that you never thought could be achieved.

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