Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Desert Mountain Renovation / Before & After


When he purchased this abandoned home, our client had two main visions for it’s revival. He wanted to 1. Align the interior design with the architecture to create an elegant and timeless design, and 2. Re-use and re-purpose as many existing interior materials as possible, because a large part of the renovation budget needed to be focused on updating the home’s infrastructure. 

The existing floorplan was formal and separated, so the redesign included opening up these spaces to reflect a modern lifestyle, and to improve flow. Traditional existing heavy finishes, including wallpaper, padded walls and dark colors competed with the modern architecture. We creatively constructed subtle boundaries to define individual spaces, without using walls, and without obstructing the home’s long striking views of the desert mountain landscape. For example, a custom motorized television and fireplace feature spans floor to ceiling, separates dining from living rooms, and adds an element of ambiance to either space.

To maximize the potential for a heightened sense of luxury, we created unique points of interest, in the lackluster but high ceilings, through the addition of architectural details including crown molding, custom layered paint treatments and dramatic lighting. A major challenge of this renovation presented in the flooring. The existing flagstone was in excellent condition and was a beautiful natural material. To honor our client’s desire to recycle, we elected to keep the existing flagstone, and to simply continue it through all spaces. To accomplish this, we put on our resourceful hats, sourcing needed new material from a variety of retailers and wholesalers. We then laced all the pieces together to achieve a cohesive look. The time and expense involved were considerable, but the outcome was welcomed with rave reviews.

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Saturday, January 3, 2015



“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.”
- Peter F. Drucker

Each Design Director at PURE Design utilizes a system that combines trained artisans and craftspeople with state-of-the art technology and one-of-a-kind construction methods to plan projects, do the work and deliver it on time and on budget.

Our continual mission brings Innovation, Luxury and Artistry to every step of our process, climatically crafting the perfect experience for you: either new or renovated.

With our 60+ awards and a group of skilled designers, we meet and exceed the greatest expectations. Our designed environments have a timeless and enduring quality that will last a lifetime. Above all, our priority is to form a strong relationship with you and make your vision come true, so you will be a part of the story too.

A design director is available today to answer your questions and discuss your future project. Together we can conceptualize your needs and setup a private consultation.

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Photos: John Magnoski